content marketingJust a few years ago, people were asking themselves why they needed a computer. And then they wondered why they might need a website. Unless you are retired and out of the workforce entirely, or live off the grid, questions like these seem a bit silly. Who can maintain connections with family, friends, and colleagues in multiple geographic locations without email, social media, and smartphones? How can you conduct business without a website with integrated functions that allow people to find, interact, and purchase a service or product from you? If you aren’t online, you aren’t keeping up with the way technology runs business, and therefore, don’t exist.

At the same time, a serious business owner who wants to draw a certain level and type of clientele can’t just build their own website and slap a few words on it in an attempt to describe what they do. Professionals hire experts to make them look their best. While many business owners are perfectly capable of writing their material, here is what they are up against:

  • Millions of new online businesses competing for advertising space and browser recognition locally, nationally, and globally
  • Thousands within the same sector trying to come up with original and compelling messages
  • Time to write something concise, informative, educational, or even entertaining
  • Effort to fully edit their material, so it doesn’t have minor mistakes that detract from their expertise
  • Knowledge about search engine optimization and keyword use that will display them in search engine results, not to mention the use of HTML code, alt-tags in images, and how meta-tags and backlinks are used

When you vet a business that you want to work with, you check out their website. Does it look like they put it together themselves, or does it seem that they’ve hired a web designer for a cleverly designed logo and brand? Does the copy feel like a sales pitch, seem repetitive, or dull, or does it intrigue you and flow error-free? Can you learn more about them through blog articles, discussions, or reviews in your community on social media? You should be looking for someone who has industry experience, knows how to present themselves, and easily conveys who they are, what they offer, and how it may be to your advantage. What is comes down to is recognizing that serious business owners make strategic investments to make an excellent first impression. Is this you?

Once you’ve gained a positive reaction from your audience, you must continue to engage their interest. There are many ways you can reach out to your existing clients or consumers using your website and social media sites. Every bit of content you provide is designed to help with your marketing efforts. Different versions of materials are used for eBooks, brochures, email campaigns, and articles for more in-depth information or ideas. The list of written materials needed to be successful and grow a business is vast. The quality of this material must be high. Not only do you need to catch a website visitor’s attention, but you need to secure your reputation with online bots monitoring your site for value and relevance, affecting your ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo – this is the difference between simply writing content and content marketing.

The amount of effort you put into your written content will impact your ability to expand your customer base and scale your business. If you are satisfied to operate on a smaller footprint, you may be able to skimp a little, but realizing loftier goals takes much more. All this work on written material may seem overwhelming, but not if you know how to use the right tools to automate messaging and posting. Again, this usually requires an expert who knows more about the tools to maximize your content’s visibility for websites, social media accounts, or both. A reputable marketing consultant will not attempt to use substandard written content to promote you, either. That would produce a negative result with consumers and online bots you may not be able to overcome later.

Writing content for your business involves much more than the time and energy to write it. Your knowledge about your company and your ability to write is not in question. Technology has created a need for consistent material incorporating underlying code, tags, and links for search engine ranking to secure your business. You can take the time to learn more about this, but understand it is another full-time job. Just a few years ago, you may have questioned the importance of having a website at all, and now you are contemplating the necessity of having a professional content writer. You’ve turned a page as you realize, this is the next step in mainstream online business activity.

For the serious business owner, you only need to decide who to hire that can adequately portray the voice of your company and brand.


A content writer who has years of experience creating web copy, blog articles, inserting images with alt-tags, preparing sections of copy for meta-tag snippets, using HTML heading codes, formatting for quick glimpses of text, keeping SEO in mind when adding keywords and phrases, all with detailed editing processes, including artificial intelligence apps, before publishing the final message.

That’s not all. You have to connect with a content writer on a personal level because you will be working with them a lot. Not all writers work for every situation and personality. Once you find a keeper, hang on tight to this unique asset who will be a vital part of your online presence and ultimate success.

Ask yourself:

  • What is the current stage of my business?
  • Do I want to take it to the next level and prepare to scale?
  • Is my website function sufficient, and are marketing efforts in place?
  • Who will be writing my new content?

Keep in mind, web designers usually don’t do any writing. They may refer you to someone or let you locate a content writer on your own. Marketing consultants will charge extra to hire a writer to create proper material before putting advertising and promotional campaigns together. You can be a step ahead by considering this before a website upgrade or additional marketing efforts begin. It is possible to ask your writer to work with your web designer or marketing team.

Can you “cheap out” on your writer? You get what you pay for. If you go to a generic writing contractor platform and choose a random individual based on price, you will get inconsistent abilities, availability that is regulated by the site, and they may not be located in the country.

  • Do you want to sit down in person or do a webinar with someone in the same time zone for an hour or more and mastermind your ideas?
  • Do you want to be able to contact them directly with edits, or provide them with other resources and materials that might be relevant to different projects?
  • Would you like them to grow with your company?

Clearly, there are numerous reasons why you need a content writer. As business owners, we all make lists of priorities. Hopefully, you now see the need to put a content writer on that list.