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AI writing assistants use machine learning, a subset of AI technology, to help content creators through the writing process, including research, grammar, and tone. These tools leverage natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text and provide related content and recommendations. These tools can speed up content development. Augmented writing can help business owners, marketing consultants, and writers create more content from blog material to job descriptions.

But just how well do they work and how soon will they put human writers out of business? Let’s take a look.

These writing apps vary greatly in scale and scope from fully automated writing tools and platforms for multiple writers to simple bots that gather content written online and make suggestions for individuals with small projects. Some writing assistants work specifically to build types of forms or research material. Others are more comprehensive.

To be considered an AI Writing Assistant product, it must:

  • Use artificial intelligence to help with a portion of the writing process
  • Provide insight or references to enhance written work
  • Offer relevant resources to inform the writer
  • Correct grammatical errors within written projects

 Here are 12 writing apps that fit the description

grammarly logo

Grammarly helps make copy concise, easy to read, and error-free. Most people know about this type of platform if they do any regular writing. It finds and corrects both basic and complex writing mistakes depending on upgraded plans. It highlights problem areas and will make suggestions to change words or sentence structure. You can add new words to the dictionary and get reports on writing issues you make on a regular basis.

Plans cost from $0 to $11.66/mo for Premium and $15/mo for Business to share it with up to 100 people.

ProWritingAid Logo

ProWritingAid is an editing app for writers. You can add it to MS Office or as a chrome extension. It also works with Google Docs and Scrivener. This software makes suggestions to improve your writing style and saves time on editing by finding repetitive words, vague explanations, too many adverbs, passive voice issues, complicated sentence structure, spelling, and other grammar mistakes. It offers a thesaurus and shares a report on your bad habits and common mistakes. While similar to Grammarly, the pricing structure is a bit different. It is recommended for academics.

The cost is free for very basic service to edit 500 words at a time, then $50/yr to edit an unlimited number of words. For $60/yr they will add 50 plagiarism checks.

Skillroads logo

Skillroads helps you to create resumes or try out their resume writing service. If you know the job title you are looking for, it has a prepared survey to narrow down strengths and skills needed and arranges the text to flow properly. They can do cover letters, review your resume, edit your LinkedIn profile, and show the material in different templates.

They offer a package including a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, editing, and design for $239.

textio logo

Textio augments your writing to create effective job listings for your business. It scores your writing skills and suggests the phrases that could be more helpful, so you can recruit the most qualified applicants. It reports on the gender and diversity in your applicant pool. By working with Gmail and LinkedIn Recruiter you can easily write and post from wherever it’s convenient and share documents with other hiring teams within your company.

The Textio Hire Package allows you to write all your candidate communication in job posts and emails and ranges around $17-27k for a 12-month subscription. This is based on 12, 24, and 36 month subscriptions, business size, and number of job openings. You must contact for a quote.

AI Writer logo

AI Writer uses machine learning to gather the best information on any given topic. All you need to do is submit a headline or specify research URLs and keywords to look for new content. You’ll get article content and source material to incorporate citations. It operates in English text only while other products can work in other languages. I tested this one to create the article on written digital content while researching the impact these types of tools will have on the writing industry.

They are in the launch phase and there is currently no cost.

Articoolo logo

Articoolo creates written content to help writers create volumes of text faster and save money. It finds the best resource material, message, and keywords to construct your project. You choose the topic and length, it takes the sourced material and rewrites it using natural language processing (NLP) for semantics and readability. The unique material gives you a starting point for your article. It has a WordPress plug-in and will find images for you to use.

The cost is based on pay per use: 10 articles are $19,  50 articles are $75, 100 articles are $99. You can also subscribe for 30 articles per month at $29/mo, 100 articles per month at $49/mo, and 250 articles per month at $99/mo.

EssayBot logo

Essaybot is a tool to write quickly and more cost-effectively for customized content on social media. It tests for insights, leads, and ability to reach new customers. Content writers, in-house marketing teams, social media influencers, and entrepreneurs may find this useful to publish and promote content. With a title and prompt, it will find relevant sources, suggestions, and paraphrase content delivered in complete sentences. It avoids duplicate content and finds citations to match your topic.

They offer a free 7-day trial – no credit card needed. Their introductory price is $49/mo and $99/mo thereafter.

Frase logo

Frase has a word processor that performs an automated search for more productive writers and marketers. Its capable of analyzing topics and summarizing information. It helps you to research faster and more efficiently by writing and researching within the same browser so you don’t have to go back and forth between tabs to copy and paste.

Sign up for free, then upgrade to Basic at $25/mo, Team at $100/mo, or Enterprise custom pricing.

Qordoba logo

Qordoba’s AI writing assistant helps everyone on various teams of an organization write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. Qordoba is designed to help customer service and support teams, marketing and brand teams, content strategists, product designers, and more align their voice and tone.

Qordoba offers a free 14-day trial; after that, the starter plan is $49 per month for up to five users, and Qordoba provides custom pricing for teams of six or more. View pricing information here: https://qordoba.com/pricing/

taprecruit logoTapRecruit is a job description editor that writes job summaries to attract the most qualified prospects. It helps to increase the number of skilled applicants by generating titles that are searchable and easy for target candidates to understand. The right title ensures that qualified job seekers will find you.

It is $449/mo for startups and $539/mo for businesses in growth mode, then offers price negotiation for companies with 50 open jobs or more.

Textly logo

Textly Business has many features using AI-based content and style recommendations and analysis of rich statistics for individuals and teams. It increases the productivity of writing material in marketing, sales, and other forms of communication aimed at existing and future customers.

This version of Textly is $1/mo per user

Textly EDU is used mainly for students and schools. It helps those learning English to improve grammar, expand vocabulary, and advance their writing style. There are many templates in the database with examples from essays to press releases to teach students about writing based on context. It helps classroom groups work on homework assignments and tracks common mistakes for the instructors.

Textly Grammar Checker is a free tool to help correct mistakes in English writing. It analyzes writing to identify and fix common mistakes in word choice, grammar, syntax, vocabulary, and spelling. It improves overall writing style.

An English only product, Grammar Checker and EDU are free but offer upgrades from $8/mo to $19/mo.

WordAI logo

WordAi understands the text and can automatically rewrite articles scoring the same readability as the original content. This ensures that it passes Google and Copyscape tests for duplicate content on other sites. The tool can create in-depth paragraphs and spins based on the direction your article takes. It can write high-quality titles based on the topic. It uses relevant synonyms and supports English, Spanish, French, and Italian languages.

This product starts at $50/mo or $600/annually (current discounts can be as low as $350 annually).

Seo Sem Rush logo

SEO WritingAssistant can evaluate and enhance your writing by finding and fixing errors including suggestions to improve grammar and mechanics. It measures the quality of your writing through metrics and allows the writer to compare the SEO potential and uniqueness in the top 10 ranking pages in real time. You can add it to Google Docs and use it on all popular browsers. It is available as a WordPress plugin, has a plagiarism checker, and several document templates.

Plans start at $99/mo for Pro level, then $199/mo for Guru, $399/mo for Business, and custom pricing for Enterprise. You can have other users for free under the main subscription.

As you can see, there is a wide range of ability and cost. Those with deeper pockets will be able to benefit sooner from more complex technology. Others will be able to enhance processes and speed production. Marketers, writers, and editors are still are needed at this point to guide the process. How quickly will AI and machine learning advance in this area is the big question.

Do I trust it with creative storytelling that conveys human emotions on varying levels? Not yet. I believe there are too many nuances in our personalities, biology, culture, and communication techniques. Since writing and editing are what Scribe Syndicate does, I hope that AI will need a few years to collect and analyze the data globally to make this happen. When we reach that point, I want to be integrating and assessing the latest apps and providing guidance to my clients who still want some aspect of human interaction when it comes to their writing projects.

Louise F Gunderson, PhD, and CTO of Cait Systems explains the hurdles,

“In order to be useful, a natural language system needs to understand the structure of the sentence (subject, verb, object …) and know what the sentence is about; a technical problem that should be solved in the next five years.

A deeper problem involves learning the purpose of the communication. When humans converse, they have an idea they are attempting to communicate, while AIs do not. The human must provide it with the topic or context. This may take another 10 years.

So, what do I believe this means? In the near future, there will be more and more sophisticated AI tools that will create richer and more varied content, with the ability to tailor it to a specific audience. However, until an AI app can understand what humans are interested in, it will be a tool, like a thesaurus, a typewriter, or a word processor.”

Take a look at my test project done during the research for an article on the topic of Digital Content Creation: Raw material from AI Writer, the outline, sourcing, and editing process, and the finished article on Written Digital Content and AI.