Why is social media content so important?

Your buyers have changed drastically in the last few years and it’s not going stop evolving.  Since 57% of the buying decision is now completed before consumers even get to your site, your content is critical in helping them to choose your service over another.  The consumer process and tools have changed and how you sell and connect with your clients must follow. Your role will be incredibly different in the next few years so learn how to create great content today to sway a buyers final choice! It is possible to do this yourself, but if your role as business owner is already consuming all of your time, consider contracting some help. Face it, you can’t do it all and delegating to others with expertise is a wise business decision. Many larger companies have marketing departments to handle this continual stream of research, articles, and blogs to capture their target audience’s attention. Smaller companies have the same need, just on a lesser scale. Take a look at this article to see what you are up against in the social media arena.

Are you Social Selling yet?  See more at: 12 Stats That Prove You Need to Start Social Selling.

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Why is Social Media Content So Important?



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