7 Ways Travelers Increases Their Personal Growth

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1. They learn to connect with others and have them naturally gravitate toward them

The personality of a traveler welcomes adventure and other people with open arms. A natural curiosity establishes a desire to get to know others and learn how to connect comfortably with anyone.

2. They learn to remove perceived barriers between themselves and other nationalities, races, religions, cultures and languages

Travelers become genuinely open-minded and accepting of what makes everyone different. Conversations focus on sharing and listening, not debating opinions on right and wrong.

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3. They see things that inspire gratitude and contentment

Experiencing the local cultures outside of hotels and resorts opens a traveler’s eyes to harsh realities like extreme poverty, generating true appreciation for life.

4. Their experiences ensure that conversation is never dull  

Travelers are able to relate what  they see and do with enthusiasm, sparking new trains of thought. The inspiration to learn and teach fresh ideas is derived from the people and places they have been.

5. They dare to be different

Curiosity makes people unique when the focus is removed from what collective society deems mainstream. Being authentic becomes more important and necessary in the people with whom they relate.

6. They live in the present

The most important day in a traveler’s life becomes today. We’ve all heard that keys to happiness include letting go of the past and not thinking too far ahead. Travelers can go one day to the next and, when discovering something new, take spontaneous action.

7. They love life

Many people want to let go of the regular working world in order to see something incredible or have new experiences, but they are unable to get past barriers in their finances, lifestyle, and mindset. Others don’t like to travel at all. Adventure seekers need to pursue places, people, cultures, and landscapes to apply the knowledge to their own life. Every day has the potential for epiphany.

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Finch, H., 2015. Why People Who Travel Make Amazing Friends. http://storyv.com/why-people-who-travel-are-amazing-friends/


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