My Content Writer New Year’s Resolutions

Post on my blog more frequently

Honestly, I have so many ideas to write about and I monitor what I already have out there as well as keeping up with consultations and current client work. I know I could be more efficient though. The technology is there to help me. I have to find the right tool and use it.

Don’t procrastinate with blog ideas

It isn’t really the lack of blog ideas, but the volume of different content that can take me in several different directions. I need to have a priority list on hand at all times so I don’t derail my train of thought each time I read or discover a new exciting topic. Hold firm to the current schedule …unless it’s so compelling I just can’t.

Stick to my social media daily checklist Social Media Checklist Pic

I created my own checklist for a daily routine and find far too many excuses not to adhere to it. (See my post Social Media Daily Checklist)

Promote my blog more on social media

I am so busy posting information that I forget to promote myself at every relevant opportunity. Duh. Stop it.

Pre-plan social media posts using auto scheduler

I have an auto scheduler set up and currently find myself tweaking article to fit the platform before posting. I have to find a way to make it more uniform so I will use the auto scheduler more often.

Make more online friends by asking and offering guest blogs

I love making new friends who blog, especially when they blog about things I can really relate to. We can benefit from guest blogging for each other and I need to reach out more often to suggest it. It’s possibly the most fulfilling part of blogging; connecting with other writers and bloggers.

Recycle posts in different formats

I know how to do this. I pick online resources and re-format them all the time for clients. Why am I not doing it for my own material? It’s one of the things I enjoy most about my job. I am at the bottom of my priority list and that has to change. I’m all about freedom of lifestyle and creating my own paths. I belong closer to the top of the list.

Make a content writing handbook or guide and offer free download for emails

I have so much information to share about what I do with people who are interested in starting content writing, need content writers, just like to write for hobbies, or have a curious nature. I would like to give that audience something valuable and also build my audience and “fans”. It’s a confidence builder. LinkedIn_BG_HigherEd_01

I want to be reliable to my readers. I understand that if I let them down they won’t come back. I want to be brilliant, with more substantial posts, packed with more useful information than ever. Keep an eye on me because I will deliver!

I’d love to hear about your resolutions both professionally and personally! Please reply.

Templeman, M. 2015.


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