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WorldVentures and Nxt-ID Align to Create a Next Generation Smart Card

If you haven’t already heard of WorldVentures, it is a privately held seller of vacation and entertainment club memberships and one of the fastest growing direct selling companies today. What has set them apart from other companies in the industry so far is that they’ve chosen to promote living a lifestyle that most people have been putting off until retirement due to time and money constraints. They are now introducing something that will advance them further into their niche by developing a technology through the growing mobile-commerce market.

They’ve connected with Nxt-ID to create a wireless smart card for their members based on Nxt-IDs Wocket. It’s a smart wallet that securely stores all credit card and discount cards in one place. If you are familiar with password-saving software like Dashlane and LastPass, then you understand how utterly convenient this will be to use. If you are not, these software apps allow you to store all passwords in a single dashboard with one master password that accesses them all, automatically logs you in, and provides additional security features. This was the first thing that crossed my mind as a quick analogy; one card, all data in one place, easier to secure, and easier to use.

Of course, Dreamtrips members will have this card integrated with the Dreamtrips App to earn points toward free vacations. They will also get to earn points at restaurants as well as points currently earned while online shopping. Not only will they get discounted travel around the world, but they will travel more securely. Members will be introduced to the exclusive club concept at the WorldVentures UNITED annual conference in Orlando, Jan. 15-17.


What is the technology for?

  • Replace all cards in your wallet PRNewswireWV.NxtID
  • Store all data for credit cards, loyalty cards, and records, and be used anywhere payment can be made with a credit card
  • Added identity protection while traveling
  • Allow Members to earn points at select restaurants worldwide to use towards DreamTrips vacations
  • Encourage more social engagement with DreamTrips Members worldwide through its wireless App and card communication features

Do you have to represent the company in order to use this perk?

NO. There has always been the option to join Dreamtrips for travel discounts only. There is no obligation to sell or share your club membership with anyone. Your membership fees are credited dollar for dollar and are available at the end of the year to use toward vacations. You will have access to this new technology too. The concierge service that builds your trip itinerary for you is worth the membership fee alone.


However, this strategy will enhance WorldVenture’s mission to make it even easier for independent-thinking entrepreneurs to build businesses based on  a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment. “In this high-tech, hyper-connected world, we are enabling people to use technology in a more powerful and compelling way,” said Wayne Nugent, World Ventures Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer. “And our Independent Representatives will be able to bring this exciting new innovation to travelers all over the world, making their experiences richer, safer, and more engaging and rewarding.”

WorldVentures is now a technology company using direct marketing to bring exciting innovations, business opportunities, and personal experiences to its members.

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