The Blockchain Council at Encrypted Labs, Charlotte, NC

blockchain, Encrypted LabsThis council is comprised of businesses united in the development of Blockchain infrastructure for business applications. A membership includes hands-on workshops, monthly meetups, access and testing of the latest applications to develop proof of concept. Networking opportunities with technical experts and collective industry experts to avoid having to use your in-house resources or research costs, employee training for IT personnel on design, configuration, implementation based on customer needs, and how to customize and scale to suit your specific business and industry. These first experiments develop and help achieve the basics of integration.

Blockchain has been hailed as one of the most transformative emerging technologies. Pooling knowledge on the potential uses gives everyone the power to develop effective, practical applications that offer the most improvements over traditional systems.

Staying up to date regarding emerging Blockchain Technology helps discover new ways it can be integrated into enterprise systems to provide value. Topics covered in the Blockchain Council meetup and the LinkedIn Blockchain Council group will range from the introduction to Blockchain, BigchainDB, Smart Contracts, Consensus, Ethereum, Dapps, IoT, Big Data/Predictive Analytics, and much more.

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