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Hello, all. Like most new businesses, it took a while to get this one off the ground. If you have questions after reading this brief history, you can contact me at ScribeSyndicate@gmail.com, find me on LinkedIn and make a connection request, or send a friend request to my Facebook page.

Text or call me on my cell at 704-223-7722. Leave a message for the writer hard at work. I will return your call as soon as possible.

Every writer has a style unique to them, such as formal or humorous. Written content for others should reflect the person, their ideas, or unique qualities of their business. Blog articles are entertaining and educational, never dull. Formatting and imagery is critical. Always source your material properly for yourself and the client. These skills will evolve over time as you discover your niche in the world of freelance writing.

In the beginning, I worked for a content mill that helped me brush up on research skills and build a portfolio. While these aren’t the greatest examples of my work to date, they provide a look at what a freelance writer has to put up with in order to build a portfolio that will eventually lead to real jobs, directly with clients, who pay well enough to pay your bills and eat.

Freelancing is not for the timid. You must have passion and believe in your abilities to get beyond this phase. These assignments only required text, but you eventually get to some others where I put an image or two to make them more interesting later. These links open from my archived library and you will need to click, download, then open the file. Actual article posts and newer client material will open in a PDF version.

Examples of Textbroker Articles click to open the title:

  • Why Do You Need a PEO Provider? – An article was written for a Professional Employment Organization providing Human Resources and Payroll services for all size businesses.
  • QNet and the Direct Sales Dilemma – This is an article I wrote via broker for a client describing a company called QNet. Some was research provided and new research added. Requested positive information only.
  • Hollywood Production Center, Brentwood – A Real Estate company specializing in places for rent for the filming industry in California desired content for their website. Simple keyword and hyperlinks requested.
  • Hamstring Strains – A medical therapist who wanted content regarding this particular injury specified exact number of words, accurate research from approved sites, keywords and meta-data of precise density to complete the work.
  • Gifts for Women– This was an online stationery store that sold personalized gifts. This article was aimed at gifts for women and information was used from their own site in order to blog on another.
  • Coffee Touring – This was designed for a real estate company promoting travel to Nicaragua. One of the biggest industries there to promote for travel is coffee growers. General information on Nicaragua with a focus on coffee touring was suggested with a call to action regarding renting and purchasing property at the end of the article.
  • How to Get a Welding Certificate in Philadelphia, PA – An article written for an educational site promoting certification in welding and where to get certified in Pennsylvania.
  • The Jetson’s Article – Smart homes are a wave of the future. A contracting client required content for a website in order to educate potential customers on what is to come and how to find someone to do it. The research provided is from USA Today broadcast.
  • Why Do I Need a Website? – Written for a client needing to show why people need a website and someone to build it or host it.
  • 5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Website from Hackers – Another client website article teaching how to protect your website.
  • How to Use and Navigate Wikipedia – A client wanted an article to explain how Wikipedia gets its content and how people can contribute to it.
  • Evolution of the internet and web design – While researching another article I came upon this interesting information and published it on LinkedIn.

While doing Textbroker articles, I took on my first few clients. These are technology related articles for 2 new clients, a travel website and a webdesign company

  • Online Paid Opportunities through Direct Selling – A travel blog article on how social media has impacted Direct Selling companies, making it easier than ever to make extra income.
  • Gig Economy in Pre and Post Retirement – Same client needed more articles and a list of popular sharing-gig economy opportunities that may be especially interesting to the Baby-Boomer generation.
  • WorldVentures and Nxt ID – This article for a travel blog and describes the relationship between Nxt IDs new Wocket invention and how to use it with WorldVentures Dreamtrips  app and travel expenses.
  • Business Automation – A blog article for a local web design company, part of a series of 12. Submitted for use on their website to help people understand the individual components of an entire marketing strategy. This one is on automating certain aspects of your business to free up time and money for the company and better use of staff.
  • The Shift to Mobile Device and Design – More on the a series of 12. This article explains the differences between desktop and mobile uses and that we have naturally progressed to the use of mobile in recent years.
  • Video and Display – More on the a series of 12. This article talks about new advances in video technology and how to use it.
  • Social Media is More Than FaceBook – Again, blog article is a series of 12. This article explains how different platforms are used for different reasons and how they can interconnect.
  • Landing Pages Verses Microsites – Part of a series of 12 again. This article shows the difference between terms and uses of landing pages and microsites. They are often confused.content SEO frelance writing
  • SEO is Still Relevant – Another blog on a series of 12. This article explains what SEO is used for and how that has changed.
  • Differentiating Yourself Online – And again, part of a series of 12. This article is about unique personal and professional qualities that need to stand out between you and your competitors.
  • Web Design 101 – Another of the series of 12. This article is about basic web design concepts we all need to know.
  • Content Marketing Simplified – Blog article for the same series of 12. This article makes understanding content marketing a little easier.
  • Trust Your Agency – Last article included in the 12 part series. This article addresses how to choose the right agency for you and how to get the most out of the relationship. In a series, each article should be linked to the others for readers to get more information and to drive traffic and lower bounce rate!

I then tried my hand at some professional profiles and larger projects

If you to go to my portfolio page (see the tab at the top) you will see the progression has led to editing some books, publishing some magazine articles, writing blog articles and article series for more regular clients (a year or more of weekly articles),  and research laden business plans; I began adding more imagery, charts, graphs, and logos to my work. My writing assignments went from mostly ghost writing to including my own byline or being listed as an editor or contributor.

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