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Scribe Syndicate, founded 2012


Writer/Editor, Owner

Scribe Syndicate is a full-service content provider specializing in digital strategy and brand growth with a mission to support the vision and voice of each client. We focus on small business owners and entrepreneurs interested in increasing visibility online in order to grow and expand their business.

Published articles links:

  • Copyediting (industry and company research and sourcing, review, edit, and proof)
  • Editing posts for blogs and social media
  • Providing copy for posts between social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress website/blog)
  • Reviewing/editing copy for main websites pages and landing pages as well as traditional print copy
  • Formatting copy using Microsoft Word, website templates and design tools provided by the platform
  • Applying HTML code for text headings, emphasis, and page layout
  • Using organic SEO tools such as keywords, alt-text, inserting appealing images, links to related sites, positive affiliate and influencer links, and engaging and educational content that is skimmable for consumers and small business

Recent and continuing clientele

Cheree Warrick, The Profit Partner, Virginia | 2017 -CurrentThe Profit Partner

Researching and writing for clients in need of large business plans, industries include bridal events, casket company, restaurants, co-living apartments and micro-hotels, plastic surgery clinics, escape rooms

  • Research for market analysis, competitors’ information, demographic audience
  • Written text with tables and charts for easy comprehension of statistics
  • Executive summaries
  • Description of the business model and purpose for seeking funding (startup or expansion)
  • Sources and links
  • Content for her book on business plan writing: guidelines on grammar, spelling, editing, sourcing, etc.
  • Blog material for the company

Nuclear Networking, Account Executive Don Klos, Denver, CO | 2017 – 2018Nuclear networking logo

Providing blog articles using company website information and re-working it for LinkedIn and Facebook page

  • Rewrote articles in a digital format for easy consumer reading, simplifying technology terms to be better understood by the consumer (see published articles link above)
  • Inserted images, able to use my own byline on most recent article on Intelligent Sourcing for email campaigns

Sherri Baldwin, LeadAdvantageInc, Charlotte, NC | 2018

Editing her book on business Development, Be Legendary, being released on April 9th

Edited and proofed the manuscript to have it in a black and white, press ready PDF format (adding to publish articles list when link is available)

  • Inserted tables and charts as necessary, correct page layout for size of book and binding, reformatting added content

Dr. Allen Meadors, former UNC Pembroke Chancellor, Charlotte, NC | 2017Allen Meadors

Wikipedia site describing his living biography was in danger of being removed from the site since it did not comply with Wiki rules

  • Rewrote his Wikipedia page due to some unflattering press, still limited by Wikipedia rules but accomplished an improved page that was able to remain on the site (see published articles link above)

Brad Thomas, Author, Charlotte, NC | 2017Donal Trump, Trump Factor, book release

Edit and format a book written by Brad Thomas on Donald Trump’s investment properties around the world: The Trump factor

  • Worked with other editors to get the manuscript ready for print before the election (see published articles link above) My name is mentioned as Jessica Headrick (married name) as a contributor
  • Provided some images/charts

Charlotte Parent Magazine, Charlotte, NC | 2017

Provided article copy for a client establishing a reputation in her field of potty-training and other parenting topics 

  • March ed., Telemedicine for Today’s Healthy Families – client byline, Adriana Vermillion
  • May ed., Potty-Training While Traveling– client byline, Adriana Vermillion, Charlotte, NC | 2016 – 2017

Provided blog article copy and built the basic websites to get him started, topics for travel including lifestyle changes for travel experiences, destinations he recommended, cruising, working while traveling, and travel clubs

  • All blog articles published from 8/2016 to 12/2017 (see published articles link above)
  • Included links to social media pages (FB, LinkedIn) and links to article series within blog
  • Allowed to link information to my own website

Alter Imaging, Charlotte, NC | 2016 – 2017

Provided blog article copy for clients’ new websites including travel, fire and water restoration, manufacturer of jute products

  • NYP Corp Manufacturing Company (all blog articles published from 1/2016 to 5/2017 (see published articles link above)
  • Life and Styles, Caribbean travel blog 6/2016 to 12/2016 (site is no longer active)
  • NCA of the Carolinas landing page, Huntersville| 2015

Multiple Clients

  • Writing blog articles regarding travel, events, health insurance, financial, medical, technology, entertainment, real estate, auto, product descriptions, etc. Largest project was the entire health insurance guide on (see published articles link above)
  • Some social media posts for platforms like Facebook and Twitter
  • Including necessary keywords and formatting for client websites


Full Reference information for the above clients are available by request



Colorado Technical University | Colorado Springs, CO | 2014-2016

Business Administration, Business Math, Literature, Communication, Microsoft Office Suite, Micro economics

Temple University | Philadelphia, PA | 1986-1988

Fine Art

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