Copy Editing and Proofreading

Communication is important to your business and a critical aspect of any good first impression. Technology-based communication is no exception, but not all of us have good grammar and writing skills. This new way of marketing your business requires information to be creative, relevant, and updated regularly to stay ahead of the competition. I am here to help with fresh ideas, concepts, and other issues that pertain to your industry and location. Refreshing your website, blog, and other social media with new content, articles, and profile updates is an ongoing process and it is my job to find the best way to portray what is significant about you and your company. Accuracy is paramount in research for content and presentation. Minor mistakes can reflect poorly and I can help to avoid them.

Services :

  • Basic proofreading
  • Editing posts for blogs and social media
  • Reviewing copy for websites
  • Reviewing copy for print
  • Condensing copy

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